About the Order’s Livery

The Order’s badge is a shining silver star borne upon a halved field of red and black (with the red on the left hand side as viewed) – in heraldic terms, on a field parted per pale gules and sable, a mullet of eight points argent.

The star represents the shining light of the ideals that guide the Order through even the darkest day, the red represents the life dedicated to the support of those ideals, and the black the evil that is held at bay by the lives and deeds of the Order, that is pierced by the light of the Order’s ideals.

Knights and Squires are expected to wear the Order’s livery at all times – although the Squires is usually somewhat less well tailored than that of the Knights. Companions are not required to wear livery, but usually carry the Order’s badge somewhere upon their person. More elaborate variations of the livery may be used for formal occasions.

Some people have been known to confuse the Order’s livery with that of House Soulsplitter, there are however, a number of key differences:

1) The badge of House Soulsplitter contains a skull, not a star.

2) The Soulsplitter livery tends to be quartered, rather than halved, with the red in the top right hand side as viewed.

3) Members of House Soulsplitter are now more frequently seen skewered on the end of Tarantula’s knives. This is something the Order tries to avoid (wherever possible, or desirable).

4) The livery of House Soulsplitter tends to contain a Soulsplitter. On average members of House Soulsplitter are roughly three and one half times larger than the average member of the Order (but as everybody knows, it’s not the size of your member that counts…).