Celestial Humour

Some seem to consider the Order to be a dour, humourless bunch. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The Order of Celestial, in fact, possess a well developed appreciation of the lighter side of life. Careful observers may note certain running jokes:

– Never Take the Grand Master Too Seriously

Not so much a joke as a standing order. Whilst respecting their leader greatly, the Order feel that it is important to remember that unquestioning obedience is a bad habit to fall into. Other units (and Faction members) may disagree. The word “Too” should be noted.

– Roody and Shortsword

Mutually granted, and loathed, nicknames of two (now sadly deceased) members of the Order, that can provide hours of entertainment for everyone else. It is left as an exercise for the reader to work out who the nicknames refer to.

– Murdering Three Factions In Their Sleep

Some tasks are just so odious and hateful, that the Order believe that they could only be required as punishment for the most heinous imaginable crime. In the interests of fairness and justice, the Order consider that, if someone is required to suffer a punishment, it is only equitable that they be allowed to commit the crime that justified it. Thus, when a member has to undertake a particularly distasteful task they may often be heard explaining that they’re off to murder three factions in their sleep.

– Celibate and Tee-Total

Despite copious evidence to the contrary, some people seem to believe that members of the Order Celestial are both celibate and tee-total. The Order continues to be amused by this misconception.

– Aldous The Troll

Sir Aldous has been known to take his time before appearing in the morning. The obvious reason: he is a troll and requires sufficient time early each morning to apply his make up, before he appears fit for polite company.

– Party at Irinaye’s

Sir Irinaye does not seem to believe that this is a good idea. The rest of the Order continue to try and convince her otherwise.

– Tor-Andre’s Purple Pants of Power

Tales of these ancient and powerful artefacts, believed to be invested with arcane power both mighty and mysterious, are but lightly touched upon by the ranks of the Order Celestial, and then only with hurried glances and muttered prayers. And if you believe that…