A healer of some considerable talent, who has recently come to play a more prominent role in the work of the Order. She earned acclaim at the Gathering of Nations 1108, when, as the sole healer present during a brutal attack on the Lions’ camp, she ensured all Lions emerged unscathed from a potentially deadly encounter. At the Gathering of 1114, she was jointly awarded the medal for Master of Physik with Sir Rhapsody for her work to cure a contagious disease, and was recognised for her hard work by the Faction at the Gathering 1115, when they gave her the (much sought after) highest level of training the Faction can bestow.

Rynthalion Vanya
Companion Rynthalion has cut a swathe through the hearts of Erdreja, he’s soooo dreamy, with lovely hair and fabulous pointy ears… *ahem*
Serving in the Legions with the Company of the First Spear, Rynthalion gained considerable military experience and skill, which was recognised by the Lions Faction when they offered him military rank (a position he later rejected). He is a bard of some renown, and served as Deputy High Bard of the Lions, before being asked to take on a more important role serving the Bard’s Guild of Erdreja as Master Harper.  He was awarded the medal for Master of Arms at the Gathering 1114 for his bravery in defending his friends and family from the demon Murmure. In 1115, he received the blessing of Erdreja, confirming the importance of his work for the Guild.

Ysabel, a member of the Company of the Brave and Foolish, is a reknowned Paladin, singled out by her Ancestor Cadrus Cornus to do serve him, and do good works in his name across Erdreja.  Even before her elevation, she found herself drawn to the work of the Order, and joined as Companion at Moot 1, 1115, officially swearing her oath at the GEF 1116.  She is bold in battle, and fearless in her determination to do good upon Erdreja, whilst also being known amongst the Lions as a calm, wise head, earning her a senior role amongst the Lions’ diplomats, which she later renounced.  She is the Head of the Lions Order of the Sacred Blood.

Erin Dragonheart
Despite losing his close friend Sir Tarquin Dreamstruck, Erin spent a significant amount of time helping out the Order, before officially asking to become a companion at the Gathering 1117. He has already made a name for himself for his fierce determination to wade in to fights, and to fix problems as they arise. At the GEF of 1119, he tried for the position of High Healer in the Dragons and was formally accepted.

Sir Malcolm Krafter
Now the High Alchemist of the Lions, Malcolm joined the Faction and was quickly drawn to the Order,  joining as a full Companion at the GEF 1114. He has done much to demystify the alchemical arts to the Faction, repeatedly demonstrating its uses in forensic analysis to better understand the threats that face Erdreja. Never let it be said that his skills lie only in the lab – his bravery on the battlefield is renowned across Erdreja. At the Lions Winter campaign of 1114 on Orlagnon, Malcolm’s swift and brave use of a magical poison destroyed the Demon Overlord Tatalus, res countless Lions citizens and conquered and demonically tainted several of the Circles. In recognition of the bravery of his action, he was made a Knight of Erdreja and awarded Master of Arms by the Order at the Gathering 1115. After the Order fell out with the Faction at Moot 1, 1116, he felt that his place was with the Lions, and handed back his sash. He is missed.

Fionnuala, the Lady Ni Riain
An Armengarian priestess, Fionnuala is known for her strong beliefs and equally strong personality. She serves as Sirene of Amnor. At the Gathering of Nations 1111, she married Sir Elrood Brond at a ceremony conducted by King Hengist, but was widowed on campaign in the tenth month 1112.

Barton Rae
Barton spent a year accompanying the Order around Lantia and Dragon’s Lands, learning of their work. At the Gathering 1116, he asked to formally become a companion of the Order, and was gladly accepted.

A valiant beastkin, he was drawn to the Order from his home on Gallathrix and spent some time watching them. After seeing Sir Michael’s knighting at hte Gathering 1114, he approached the Grandmaster about becoming a Squire and, ultimately, a Knight. Grandmaster Huntington saw his valour on the field but asked that he wait until he came of age. Until that time he serves the Order proudly, wearing the sash of a Companion. He is already a credit to the Order – when he comes of age in the Autumn of 1119, he will be a Knight to be reckoned with.

Arianwen Malen
Initiated as a companion of the Order by Sir Percival, Arianwen sought out the Order after Avalon was destroyed. She found us at the Spring Moot of 1110.

Master Grey
Master Grey’s calm and thoughtful outlook serves to cut through even the most complex of moral dilemmas, whilst his words of wisdom inspire the Order to even greater heights.