The Masters Medals

Each year, three medals are awarded to the Order, the Master of Arms, the Master of Physik, and the Master of Thought.  Initially these were the titles of the Heads of the three branches of the Order – those who fought, those who healed, and those who incanted.  When Elrood Brond became Grandmaster in 1106, he re-organised the system, combining the Chapters and making them honorifics, recognised through the giving of medals awarded at the Gathering.

Master of Arms – one who shows courage in defence of their beliefs and the beliefs of the Order in the face of danger

Master of Physik – one who stands in defence of life

Master of Thought – one who thinks on the ideals of the Order and the best ways to uphold them

Year Master of Arms Master of Physik Master of Thought
1106 – Grandmaster Sir Elrood Brond Companion Rhapsody Squire Gamorran Sir Tor’Andre
1107 – Grandmaster Sir Elrood Brond Sir Hargrim Companion Sheyna Sir Nethaniel
1108 – Grandmaster Sir Elrood Brond Sir Irinaye Companion Karen Companion Wenceslas
1109 – Grandmaster Sir Elrood Brond Sir Nethaniel Footnote? or Wenceslas? sir Macenion
From this point onwards, it was agreed that we would record the holders of the medals, and the reason for their award.
1110 – Grandmaster Sir Elrood Brond

Squire Dolorous

For bravery above and beyond the call the duty in bodyguarding Lenia, wife of King Hengist and Head of the Council

Companion Arienwen

For selfless devotion to the protection of life on the battlefield, at great risk (and in fact no thought) to her own

Sir Elrood

Of everybody that year, Nethaniel felt Elrood in particular had been forced to re-examine his beliefs and opinions  – always a difficult task – but that he had not shied away from it

1111 – Grandmaster Sir Elrood Brond

Sir Nethaniel

For bravery above and beyond the call the duty in leading the Lions as Knight Marshall, and specifically for being willing to act as a distraction so the camp could be evacuated when fighting the Balrog.Somehow, he survived to receive this medal.

Companion Wenceslas

This medal was given in recognition of Wenceslas’ devotion to the protection of life, such that he was appointed a Master of the Healer’s Guild.

Sir Darkmane

As a breed, Darkmane faced many difficult decisions, forcing him consider not only himself and his place in the world, but that of those he fought, something he did with great wisdom and insight.

1112 – Grandmaster Sir Nethaniel Huntington

Squire Tristan

For going to fight banshees with Nethaniel and Seraphim, a fight in which he was willing to face a significant threat, despite being very new, because he knew it was the right thing to do.

Companion Maya

For her actions in allowing a disgraced Master of the Healer’s Guild to return to the Fountain of Life, despite strong opposition from most of the Guild.  She stuck to her beliefs in the defence of life.

Illyrio Darkendale (posthumously)

For always, always making us think, and consider our words and actions, whether we wanted to or not.  This is the only time the medal has ever been given outside the order, and is the highest honour we can bestow in him.

1113 – Grandmaster Irinaye Huntington
(Medals awarded by letter, so these are her exact words).

Companion Rhiann

“This medal is often given to skill in battle but also for displays of great courage.  From the reports of your actions on the question to regain Arthur’s Shield, and for sticking to your chosen course as Companion when Celestial himself asked if you would consider being a Knight, these showed that you were always prepared to do what you believed to be right even when very afraid, which I believe to be the very definition of courage”

Sir Elrood (posthumously)

“Elrood chose the Masters for so long that, barring the one time he was not present and Nethaniel in his stead decided to ignore Elrood’s decision completely and give him Master of Thought because he had earned it and was not there to object, he has never received this honour.  To my knowledge he has never been Master of Physik and for a man that devoted his life to healing the faction and played no small part in being able to boast without (much) exaggeration that “Lions have the best healers on Erdreja” it would not be right if he never held this title.  For the years he served as High Healer, and for having the courage to step down when it was the right time, he certainly earned it, many times over.”

Sir Ector

“You are walking a hard line in your role within the Alchemist’s Guild in providing a service to all the Factions, many members of which do not have the same morals and beliefs that we do.  In recognition of this fact and your willing ness to make unpopular decision to stay true to your conscience I believe you have very much earned the title Master of Thought for this year.”

1114 – Grandmaster Irinaye Huntington

Companion Rynthalion

For extreme bravery. He chose not to try protect himself from the demon Mumure and thus remain a target, so Mumure would not target his family and friends, while being absolutely terrified the whole time.

A joint award between Sir Rhapsody and Companion Rhiann

For both immediately volunteering to help figure out a cure to a very contagious curse/disease that we did not know how dangerous or how lethal it was, knowing it was almost certain they would be infected.

Sir Michael D’Ascoyne

While Michael was still a squire, the ancestor Amethyst was attacked by an unknown entity.  For the sheer amount of ongoing applied brain power in figuring out what was attacking Amethyst and how to deal with it, Michael was awarded Master of Thought.

1115 – Grandmaster Irinaye Huntington

Companion Malcolm Krafter

For extreme bravery when attacking the demon overlord Tatalus, responsible for the deaths of many Lions and corruption of our islands. Sir Malcolm was able to attack and poison him with a magical poison that he could not resist. For this he was Knighted Sir Malcolm Demonslayer by the Faction, and awarded Master of Arms by the Order

Sir Rhapsody Talthor

As well her more obvious work healing our bodies, as our Knight Confessor, with her endless compassion and wisdom, Sir Rhapsody has healed our souls many times over, and this award recognises that often unrecognised work.

Sir Karen Aldain-Darkendale

For all her work over the year figuring out how best to reform the Lions High Council to best serve the needs of the Lions Faction.

1116 – Grandmaster Irinaye Huntington

Companion Rhiann

In the many years Rhiann has served the Order her courage has grown to the point where, in 1116, she was noted running into a fight wielding a sword to save lives. For this act of courage, she was awarded the Master of Arms Medal

Sir Tyrael Fordragon

For his tireless work over the year trying to to repair the breach between the Order and the Lions Faction, despite the difficulties he endured doing so, Sir Tyrael was awarded Master of Physik.

Sir Peregrine

Sir Peregrine came to the Order a corrupted ancestral of Celestial. He was created using the Crucible by followers of the evil ancestor Paragon to corrupt Celestial’s worship and twist it to a darker form that would serve Paragon. However, Sir Peregrine’s nature was still a servant of Celestial. Rather than kill him, the Order took it upon themselves to show him the true path of following Celestial. In the time he spent with them, he learned of justice and honour, and became a true follower of Celestial.

At the Gathering 1116, Sir Peregrine came to the Lions, and offered to use his link to it to lead a unit to the Crucible, knowing that its destruction would mean his own death.

In recognition of his journey from his creation to his end, and the thought he undertook about the values of Celestial, and of his bravery, he went to his death wearing the Masters Medal for Thought.

In addition, the rift with the Lions caused the entire Order many dilemmas of honour, loyalty, and morality. In recognition of the thought they gave to the issue, the Grandmaster wished it noting that she considered awarding the Master of Thought to the entire Order.

 1117 – Grandmaster Irinaye Huntington

Sir Ragnor Black

For his tireless and faultless courage: many have noticed and remarked on his willingness to fight, and to defend others, and the willing smile that is always on his face as he does so.

Grandmaster Irinaye Huntington

In this one instance, the Grandmaster exercised her right to change tradition. The Master of Physik was awarded to herself for her final success in a decade of work to restore life and freedom to someone close to her who had it taken from them. A more deserving cause, and achievement, could not be thought of.

Sir Tyrael Fordragon

For his work as High Incantor of the Lions, a people of diverse faiths, and his dedication to solving the problems caused by the Paragon, Tyrael was awarded Master of Thought.