The Virtues and Ideals of the Order

There are six ideals which all Celestial Knights strive to uphold:

Generosity: A Knight gives freely of what he is and what he has. In sharing, one may come to a greater appreciation of worth: that anything is valuable only for what it may achieve.

Energy: Life is the greatest blessing of all. A Knight should always seek to walk the Path of Life with verve and energy, that he should gain the greatest possible amount from the Way.

Modesty: A true Knight has no need to boast or brag of his abilities or his nature. He does not practise false modesty, for he is proud of what he is, but nor does he shout it from the rooftops.

Justice: Life exists in balance. By living according to the tenets of Justice, a Knight internalises that balance, remembering always that that which is given to the Universe, shall eventually return to the Giver.

Mercy: Some may ask how we may be both just and merciful. The Path is clear to one who sees with the eyes of the heart. Sometimes to return harm for harm would only foster evil, for that is the way of the Cycle. In such cases we must return good for each evil, and show mercy to our foes, that good may from evil grow.

Valour: To one who walks the Path, death is nothing. To one who falls from the Way, life is nothing. As we travel the way, we need fear not, and we should ever live with valour. The coward shall die a thousand deaths, but the hero shall never end.

As well as the virtues, which we all seek to uphold, some Knights also adopt a Pentagram of Virtue, a Path of Knighthood that has been adopted from Sir Galahad’s Lancers. Each Knight who wishes to may take a ‘path’ that is individual to him and which is called his ‘way’. It is summarised by the selection of virtues and the application to the man. The following are the virtues used for this:

Compassion, Courage, Courtesy, Faith, Generosity, Honour, Justice, Loyalty, Mercy, Openness, Patience, Prowess, Resilience, Steadfastness, Tenacity, Truth.

Each Knight that wishes to, must select six of these, five to each form a point on the personal pentagram of Knighthood and the sixth to sit in the centre at the heart of all; that which underlies and binds it all together. The pentagram represents the man but the virtues represent the sought spiritual goal.

This Path of Knighthood has fallen somewhat out of favour in recent years.  Indeed many Knights choose only one virtue, and pick from others not on the list (with the Grandmaster’s approval, of course). Both Grandmaster Elrood Brond, and Grandmaster Nethaniel Huntington chose the virtue of Hope, for example.