Official Order Ceremonies

The Ceremony of Swearing in the Grandmaster (pdf)

Ceremony of Knighting 1117 (Revised 1117) (pdf)

The Ceremony of Knighting 1114 (pdf)

The Oath pre-reform can be found here.

Writings of the Order 

After the Cataclysm, unliving were rewritten to be a part of Erdreja’s pattern.  Many debates ensued about whether they were still evil.  At the time, there was little information to go on either way.  Karen Aldain wrote the following on the matter.

Concerning Undead 1110, by Karen Aldain (pdf)

As more information has become available, it is now clear that unliving are evil, and still answer to the Element of Evil, Satuun, and still harm Erdreja.



Order of Celestial Letter Template

The Star of Celestial.png (click to download)

The Star of Celestial.png (click to download)