Because (a reply to “Why?”)

The following song was sent to us by an anonymous author

A song that be not to soldiers, but addressed to the author of “Why?”

It’s another Sunday morning, it’s another desperate fight.
We’re heavily outnumbered, with no hope nor end in sight.
We talk of what comes after but it’s only done for show.
Perhaps they’ll kill us quickly, the only mercy that they know.

But now we hear their lines approaching and see their banners wave.
Its cold upon the battlefield, but colder in the grave.
Perhaps we’ll take some down, perhaps we’ll make it out alive.
But the odds are stacked against us and we know we won’t survive.

The leaders may have chosen war but today they can’t be found
Our masters sent us here to fight, as gladiators bound
To be thrown to the Lions: do they think we have a choice?
But Truth and Honour and Justice are for those who have a voice.