Pride of the Lions (A Lantian Dream)

By Nethaniel

O, Avalon has fallen and we grieve her,
But now we stand, on Lantia’s bounteous shores.
We stand with pride, for justice, truth and honour,
We stand as one, a wall against our foes.

A Lion’s pride grants strength against the darkness,
That strength we’ll use to strive and not give in.
Our strength is greatest when we stand together,
Stand with your Pride, and you shall always win.

Now as we go, to walk within the Heartlands,
Beset by war, by evil and despair.
We shall fight on, no matter what opposes us
Because our strength, our Pride is always there!

We must stand firm, our loyal Pride together,
Against those foes that wish to see us fall.
For justice, honour and the truth shall save us,
Because we are the Lions, one and all.