A Reconciliation?

(OOC: Set between the Gathering & Lions winter event, 1109. Written by Alan Wells)

Elrood Brond, Grandmaster of the Order Celestial sat behind his desk in the chapter house on Tamarus attempting to read the letter that had just arrived from Fort Hatfield by messenger. It wasn’t easy, partly because Elrood had learnt his letters late in life, but mostly because the handwriting of the writer was shocking.

“Dear Elrood,

I hope you’ll forgive my impertinence in this letter, I think it’s probably fair to say we don’t have the closest relationship, but I find myself needing your advice and knowledge on a private matter. Please know that I don’t intend to hurt or offend you in what I say, but I’m aware that this may be slightly awkward and that frankly I often have the subtlety of a full legion assault in broad daylight, so I’ll apologise in advance.

I’ve been told that for a while now you’ve wanted to become a Paladin, and I was wondering why? Now I could ask any of the Order of Water about paladinship, but frankly I’m not sure I want to hear the preaching of the converted. So I wanted to ask you what it would mean to you, and why you would alter your pattern to become one. From what I know of you, you’re a good man who always tries to what is right, you sometimes seem uncomfortable when the spotlight is on you, and I wonder if you’re entirely happy as Grandmaster. I could be wrong, indeed I often am, but what intrigues me is that, assuming I have read you correctly, you’re actively trying to make your life harder. So if you can find time to speak with me, I’d really like to come and talk to you about it, it has some bearing on something that is plaguing me currently concerning choices I’ve made,

Karnak Justice”

Elrood sat back and thought about the letter, Karnak did have a point they weren’t close, in fact he’d commissioned a song to mock Elrood shortly after the first time they’d met, he’d also been the instigator of the systematic mocking of his unit by the Prince Bishop’s Men a year ago, and at the end of the day this could be the start of another practical joke from a man who described his wit as “sledgehammer like”. However as head of the Order of Celestial, how could he turn down a request for help, he’d come along way since he was born back in Albion and while that responsibility sometimes sat uneasily on his shoulders, it was his knightly duty to help.

Elrood rang the bell on his desk and a squire dressed in the Red and Black of the CK’s came in, “Could you tell the messenger from Fort Hatfield, that I’ll be able to see Sergeant Justice at his convenience” Elrood told the squire who left to pass on the message. A couple of minutes later there was a firm knock on his door “Come In” Elrood said, the door opened and a tall figure in Blue and Gold stood there.

“I hoped you’d say yes, so I brought my own message to save time”