Elrood’s Visitor

(OOC: Set in autumn 1108, written by Russ Phillips)

Sir Robin hurried into the office. “Grandmaster, there’s someone here to see you. He says it’s important”

“Show him in”, sighed Elrood, rubbing his eyes. Probably that damned Davyss, he thought to himself wearily. Everything is important to him. Once again, he realised how much he’d come to rely on Karen, how much more difficult everything was with her away. Everything had to be dealt with by him now, and him alone. Karen was a marvel, and he resolved to make sure he told her so when she returned.

A rather dishevelled looking young man entered. Elrood recognised the tartan on the kilt and became suddenly very alert. He stood and shouted outside, “Robin. Get this man some food. And find some whiskey”

The man handed Elrood a tattered piece of paper. “My thanks, but I should get back as soon as I can”

Elrood’s voice was stern. “Not until you’ve had something to eat and drink. The Bears have always been very hospitable to me – surely you’ll not deny me the chance to return the favour? Besides, I may need you to take a reply”

The Grandmaster started to read, and a smile appeared on his face briefly, but was soon replaced by an angry frown. Robin entered with a plate and glass, both of which he set down by the young Bear. Elrood took a deep drink from his tankard and put the paper down slowly.

“You’re right, you need to get back. Tell Chasey… tell her that if there is anything I, the Order, or the Lions can do to help, she only needs to ask.” He paused for a moment. Surely she already knows that!, he thought, annoyed at himself. But what else can I say? What I really need to say has to be said in person. “What’s your name?”

“Gordon McGregor”

“Well, I was going to tell you to tell Chasey to look after herself, but if I know her, she’ll be too damn busy looking after you McGregors and the rest of the Bears to think about herself. So, I’ll tell you, Gordon McGregor, to keep an eye on her and make sure she’s OK. Don’t let her run herself too ragged, or you’ll have me to answer to. Right?”

“Of course I’ll look after her. Not because some bloody foreigner tells me to, mind, but because she’s my chiefy”

Elrood smiled. “Frankly, I don’t give a damn why you do it, just as long as there’s someone looking out for her, ‘cos the ancestors know the daft woman won’t look out for herself. You fit to travel?”

He certainly didn’t look it. He looked like he needed a long rest, and some more food probably wouldn’t have gone amiss either.

“Of course”

“I’ll let you go, then. It sounds like she needs all the help she can get. Good luck”

Elrood followed him through the door and found Sir Robin.

“Robin, find me someone that can run and use a transport circle. I need to get a warning to Karen and the others. Then I’m going South for a day or two. Someone needs to keep an eye out while Janus is off, and I feel a sudden urge to hit things.”