The Best Things in Life

(OOC: Set in early 1108, written by Russ Phillips, with help from Emma Cunliffe)

Elrood listened to the gentle sound of singing coming from the kitchen, and thought of how she’d first come to the Order. It was all very odd, how she’d known where to find them, but she’d refused to answer any questions about how she knew, and it had finally brought an end to a long and frustrating campaign, so at the time he’d simply been glad it was all over. Besides, he wasn’t Grand Master then, and he was happy to leave such problems to Aldous.

He’d never asked her about it since, and wondered idly if he should. He was certainly curious, but he had no real need to know. Deciding that she’d tell him when she was ready, he went back to his papers. A little later, he looked up as Karen entered, holding a bowl. She placed it in front of him with a flourish and a smile.

Elrood looked at the bowl, then took a taste of the yellow liquid.

“Custard! Man alive, where did you get this? It’s so difficult to get the stuff in Lantia”

Karen smiled, “It’s not ordinary custard. How does it taste?”

“It tastes great. Why, what’s so unusual about it?”

“There’s no milk in it”, she said with a sly smile

Elrood finished the bowl and smiled back at her. His mind drifted briefly to another woman, one he looked forward to seeing. It would be perfect, and already he knew that she would love it. He thought happily of offering her the creamy yellow sauce and of her reaction, but now was not the time for daydreams.

“I really do have the best assistant in Edreja. Thank you Karen, you’ve brightened up a really rather boring day.”