The End

Hargrim shook his head, he felt strange not himself, but then he wasn’t himself anymore he was changed, different, a liability. He focused on what was in front of him. He focused on the circling beast cultists but as he tried his mind wandered back to the night before. He had been dying and at the last moment had been saved and because of this he had asked his friend Caranthir to pass on some messages. However, being his friend, Caranthir had told him to pass them on himself and in the end he had. The look of horror on her face had said it all, of course she wasn’t interested in the twisted thing that he had become. A freak, a waste of healing, a drain on the faction that he loved so much. He missed the Grand Master, Elrood would have known what to do, would have given him some sage advice. That man was more of a father than he had ever had in his life. Still he could fight and with that his mind snapped to the present, he readied himself but as he did so Megiddo stepped up to him and pulled him from the line. Hargrim felt something snap within him. He was useless, so useless, but he would not allow the feeling to engulf him. He looked around, Hengist his king was being assaulted by the foul Beast cultists so with a roar he hurled himself forward, mace swinging. He felt a cut slice across his arm but felt no pain, as the first cultist’s head crunched under the mace a second fell under a hail of blows and a third even as it cut into his arm again and again, still there was no pain, after a few moments the remaining cultist had fallen and feeling tired Hargrim stepped back, so tired not sure why, maybe if he could just rest for a moment, a tree was perfect to slump against just for a moment, just to rest ’til the cultists attacked again so… very… tired……………….