Joining the Order – the Companions’ Oath

In 1106, it was suggested that Companions should also swear an oath, but that they should not swear the same oath as the Knights. After some discussion, the oath set out here was adopted, and the first Companion was sworn in using this oath during the spring of 1107 – Karen Aldain.

The following words were set down by Grandmaster Brond as part of his changes to the Order:

A potential Companion should spend around a year on probation. The potential Companion will be assigned a mentor (normally a Companion), whose role it will be to guide, support and watch the potential Companion. As with Squires, the year can be extended or shortened if the Grand Master and Mentor agree that this would be the most sensible course of action.

When a Companion is to be sworn in, as many members of the Order as is practicable will be assembled.

The Grand Master will then ask the Mentor if they believe that the potential Companion would make a worthy Companion.

If the Mentor responds positively, the Grand Master will address the potential Companion,

“Do you swear to support the Order in whatever ways you are able?”

Assuming the potential Companion answers in the positive, the Grand Master will ask the assembly if there is anyone present that knows of any reason why the potential companion should not be allowed to become a Companion of the Order.

If there are no objections, the Grand Master will name the individual a Companion of the Order of Celestial, and formally welcome them to the Order.”

Although is is not formally required, Companions are encouraged to take a single virtue to which they will uphold above all others, in keeping with the many virtues the Knights are required to consider.