Knights and Squires

~ Knights and Squires on Campaign ~

Sir Michael ap Mal (formerly D’Ascoyne)
A devoted incantor in the name of Humact and a courageous warrior, Michael joined the Order at the Gathering of 1113. He was knighted at the Gathering of 1114, the same day he also received the medal for Master of Thought for his work saving the ancestor Amethyst from an attack by an unknown predator who had been attacking the Lion’s pantheon. He was accepted as Warden of Orlagnon, the Isle of Peace. At the Gathering 1117, he stepped up to the role of Grandmaster, a position in which his thoughtfulness will serve him well. After the dragons reorganised their provinces, Michael accepted the position of King of the province of Siluria, where the Order resides.

Sir Karen Aldain-Darkendale
Karen’s organisational skills and calm, professional outlook disguise a truly talented bardic heart. Karen was mentioned in the Lions Faction Dispatches of the tenth month 1107, for her work in organising the mission which ended the threat of Wraiths on Holy Isle. Miss Aldain married Crown Prince Seraphim Darkendale at the first Moot of 1110, shortly before he stepped down as from his position as Crown, but was widowed at the Parliament on Orlagnon on the tenth month 1113.  She was made Arcane Primus of the Lions in the tenth month of 1112, and was knighted by a true Avatar of Celestial when he visited the Order at the first Moot of 1113. In order to spend time assisting the refugees from the demon invasion, she stepped down from the High Council in Summer 1114. In 1115, She was made a Knight of Lantia by King Caileb Neverwinter at the Gathering 1115, and received the Master of Thought medal for her work reforming the Lions Council that year. Loosing the elections for Head of Council by one vote, she was appointed Voice of the Crowns, a position she felt forced to resign from at Moot 1, 1116. In addition to her work for the Order and the Faction, she served as Sirene of Tamarus, the Isle of Duty. After officially joining the Dragons Faction in 1117, she accepted the position of Second to the High Healer at the GEF 1117.

Sir Tyrael Fordragon
Tyrael joined the Order at Moot 2, 1115, after learning of their work fighting the Demon Overlord Tatalus. He is devout in his service to Celestial, who has granted him the powers of incantation in his name. Since joining, he has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to the highest ideals of the Order – fighting to protect those who cannot protect themselves no matter the risk, his commitment to the principles of the Order irrespective of the rewards offered, and his ability to consider good, and how best to achieve it. He was given a military sash at Moot 1, 1116, but handed it back when the Order moved to guest with the Dragons. He has since returned to the Lions to continue to try and bridge the divide between them and the Order. At Moot 1, 1117, he was made High Incantor of the Lions. In recognition of this, and of his work trying to undo the taint caused by Paragon, he was awarded Master of Thought at the Gathering 1117.

Sir Ragnor Black
At the Gathering 1116, the Order was joined by a new Squire, Ragnor. Initially known as Rags, he has since been re-nicknamed Ragnawesome, in the fine tradition of unit nicknames. Since joining he has displayed not only bravery, willingness and initiative, but a rare talent for smithing, and is now the Order’s Quartermaster. He was gladly knighted at the Gathering 1117, when he also received  the medal  for Master of Arms. Many Dragons have commented on his willingness and cheer when danger threatens. He became Quartermaster of the Dragons at the GEF 1119.

Sir Halrandir Corbenic
Halrandir, a follower of the Pendragon, came to Lantia from Albion. Seeing his potential and ability to do good in Erdreja, he quickly joined the Order at Moot 1, 1115. He has already distinguished himself in battle – in particular whilst fighting the hordes of unliving at Al-Qafar, the Wellspring of Evil, a fight for the fate of all the nations of Erdreja.  He has also demonstrated his devotion to knowledge, working towards compiling a bestiary that might assist others in protecting the peoples of Erdreja in addition to a treatise on chivalry to try and set a standard of knightly conduct to aspiring knights. In 1116 he chose to train to channel the planes of life, determined to aid his brethren in the battle line and out to the best of his abilities. He was formally knighted at the Gathering 1118.

Sir Malthelion Arondi 
At Moot 1 1116, Squire Halrandir convinced his oldest childhood companion to join the Order. A stoic follower of the Hunter, he and Halrandir are a formidable team- especially when facing the demonic and the undead- against whom foes must surely quail. Malthelion is a zealous advocate of  justice; seeing no grey area between right and wrong- condemning any attempt to justify the latter. Akin to his best friend, he too channels the planes of life to heal his companions. He was formally knighted at the Gathering 1118.

Squire Orson Tosscobble
The largest halfling kender I’ve ever seen, Orson joined the Order at Moot 2 1117, officially signing up at the Gathering that year, determined to do his best to help Erdreja. By GEF 1118, he was already earning the nickname Awesome ‘Amazeballs’ Tosscobble: the future can only hold greatness for him.

~ Knights and Squires on Quest~ 

Sir Irinaye Huntington, Grand Master of the Order, Knight of Lantia, Lions Champion 1112, and Freeman of the Isles (revoked Gathering 1116, when the Order left the Lions)
Known as Sir Glue, for her devotion to her charge, Sir Irinaye succeeded Sir Gamorran as personal bodyguard to Her Majesty Queen Tope, and was awarded the Freedom of Lantia by the Queen on her abdication. Sir Irinaye serves as Captain of the Regulators of the Lions, and was the personal bodyguard to King Hengist, to his wife, Her Majesty Queen Lenia, and to King Caileb Neverwinter. She was declared the Champion of the Lions for the year 1112, and also served as Warden of Tamarus, the Isle of Duty. All positions were handed back when the Order left the Lions, and the Freedom of the Isles was revoked by Queen Elspeth. In 1117, the Grandmaster went on quest to fulfil one last duty, handing her office over to Micheal D’Ascoyne.

Sir William Hawkwood
The doughty Sir Hawkwood has served the Order in the name of good and Celestial since the days of Sir Percival. Trapped on an island when the Cataclysm of 11106 caused the transport circle there to explode, he finally found his way back to the Order at the Gathering 1115.  Undeterred by the changes to the Order, the Faction and Erdreja itself, he showed his bravery and commitment to good time and again fighting the unliving forces at Al-Qafar and stopping the rise of necromancy across Erdreja.

Sir Aldous Trevelyan, former High Sheriff of the Lions and Councillor to both Queen Tope and King Hengist.
A family man, Sir Aldous’ quick mind and keen sense of justice saw him rise through the ranks of the Lions’ Sheriff’s Office until he was appointed to the Council. A skilled and experienced soldier, he led the Order as Grand Master, before passing on the title to Sir Elrood.

Sir Janus Gregory
Sir Janus spends most of his time in the desert to the south of the Great Wall of Tamarus, seeking out the terrors that lie in the unmapped regions of the island, ensuring that they cannot threaten those that live under the protection of the Order.

Sir Morrowyn de Gales, Knight of Devot
The shining light of the renowned de Gales family, and a direct descendent of a Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, Prince Bison admitted Sir Morrowyn to the royal order of Devot by command of Queen Sapphire, for showing outstanding courage to protect the innocent from a rampaging Vampire.

Sir Fenith Spar
Sir Fenith has not been seen for some time. The Order has a long tradition of roaming Edreja, bringing Good where it is most needed. It is not uncommon for Knights and Companions to be away for years. While we miss them, we know that they are doing what is right, and we are proud of them for it.

Sir Percival de Gales
The founding Grand Master of the Order, Sir Percival became rather strange, and was last seen wandering off in the direction of Albion. If seen, please enquire after the location of the Order’s treasury, as it seems to have been lost since his departure.

Sir Brand
Sir Brand joined the Vipers faction, proving the Order’s determination to take its principles wherever they are needed. And where could they be more necessary than in the dark and brutal wilds of Teutonia?

Sir Peregrine and Squire Tellator
Sir Peregine, now passed on, was made as a corrupted ancestor of Celestial, designed to twist worship away from him. However, his reputation was one who would protect those in need, and in time he recruited a Squire – Tellator – a young man who desperately believed he was serving the great Celestial Knights. The Order eventually managed to meet Tellator and convince him of the truth behind his service, and of the true mission of the Order. when offered the choice, he chose to stay with the Order, and learn the true way of the Order of Celestial.  Peregine’s story is in his memorial.

Squire Laurence Malakite
In the 3rd month of 1112, Lord Seraphim Aldain-Darkendale took 100 men to Ontarix to defend the civilian population there from Time Elemental, an advance on the full Lions force. Of the 100 men he took, only eight survived. Laurence was one, and – following his Lord’s death, he made the choice to step up and serve the Order his Lord was so close to. His military prowess and experience have quickly brought him to the attention of the Lions Faction, and – coupled with his his desire to do good – it is clear that the ideals of the Order are in good hands. He was given a military sash at the Spring Parliament, 1116, but handed it back when the Order moved to temporarily guest with the Dragons.

Squire Dolorous
A talented healer and warrior, Dolorous joined the Order at the Spring Moot of 1110.

Squire Avelyn D’ArnaiseA
Avelyn was a Companion in the Order for some years. After a prolonged absence, she returned to Lantia in 1106 with the intention of becoming a Knight.

Squire Amy
Amy joined the Order from a difficult background, originally Squiring to Sir Nethaniel.

Squire Polaris Aquila
Initially assigned to Sir Nethaniel, Polaris, one of the fabled eagle-fey of Orst, followed in the footsteps of his father, Sir Brand, when he sought out the Order.